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Privacy Policy

BGC Cape Breton is committed to protecting the privacy of its employees, volunteers, members, donors, and other stakeholders. We value your trust and recognize that maintaining this trust requires that we be transparent and accountable in how we treat the information you share with us. We do not sell or distribute any of your personal information to external businesses or societies.

Personal information can be used to distinguish, properly serve, identify or contact a   specific individual. This information can include but is not limited to, banking information, health card, age, medical information, home and/or work phone numbers, civic address, etc. Our club occasionally gathers and uses personal information for our programs, services, program payments, fundraisers, mail-outs, special events, and activities. Your information is kept in confidence by staff and volunteers who are authorized to access your personal information for the reason (s) for which it was obtained. We will protect personal information in locked filing cabinets, secure IT software and/or in restricted access offices. We will on occasion, share the information with National, Regional and local BGC's .

Questions, concerns or complaints relating to this Privacy Policy should be directed to the Executive Director of BGC Cape Breton.

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