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Whitney Peers

Whitney Peers a leadership and community engagement program that encourages youth to take an interest in and develop relationships with the individuals, businesses, and other leaders who strengthen the social fabric of their community.

The group tends a garden in the spring and summer, then cooks and makes preserves with our garden harvest in the fall and winter.

A big part of the program is creating connections with the elders and other community members, and one way we do that is by making some of their recipes in our Club kitchen.

Normally we would invite the community member to cook with us and guide us through their recipe, but during Covid-19 restrictions we simply make their recipe and send them photos.

So far this autumn we've made a pasta dish with rosé sauce, greek salad, and salsa.

This program creates connections in our community, helps youth understand their roots, and teaches them skills such as gardening, cooking, and preserving.

To sign up for this program, or any other, please visit our registration system.


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