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Supporting Our Local Teams

Fun At The Caper’s Court

The BGC Cape Breton kids thoroughly enjoy watching the basketball games out at Cape Breton University (CBU). Every time you're at a CBU game, you can feel the excitement in the air, as the kids cheer on their favorite players.

As you can see from the photo above, they love hanging out with the Caper mascot!

BGC Cape Breton frequently organizes trips to these games, sharing their enthusiasm and support for our CBU sports teams. These outings are not only fun, but they also inspire the kids to work hard, persevere, and dream big, just like their local basketball heroes.

The Squires Squad

Another fun activity that the BGC Cape Breton kids thoroughly enjoy is watching the CB Eagles and one of their favorite players, Cam Squires.

Did you know that, according to, Cam Squires has a total of 73 goals and 81 assists in only his 3rd season with the Eagles!

You can find more of Cam’s stats here:

Not to mention, after every game, he makes time for the BGC Cape Breton kids.

Thank you again, Cam, for your dedication to the Squires Squad.


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