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Recognizing the Amazing Work of Chester Borden

Thank you Jumpstart for your kind words and recognition of our Executive Director, Chester Borden.

The staff and kids at the BGC Cape Breton are incredibly fortunate to have such a caring and dedicated individual like Chester in their corner. He plays an inspiring role, shaping the lives of the young people he interacts with and molding the future of the community.

His significant contribution to the loving and supportive community of Whitney Pier cannot be overstated. His presence, guidance, and mentorship have affected countless lives, and he is a beacon of hope and strength for the younger generation. Without him, many children in the community might have missed out on having a strong, positive male role model to guide them through their formative years.

His unyielding dedication and tireless efforts are a testament to his character, and he continues to make a lasting impact on the kids at the BGC Cape Breton.

To read the Jumpstart post for yourself, you can click on the image above to enlarge it, or visit the Jumpstart Instagram page HERE.


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