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Power UP!

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Cape Breton believes in creating environments where children and youth thrive.

One of the ways we help children and youth gain confidence, develop critical thinking skills, and increase problem solving abilities is by supporting their academics.

Some children need extra support with some subjects, while others just need time carved out of a family's busy day to focus on homework and studying - BGCCB offers these supports through our PowerUp! program.

Power Up! is an academic support program that helps kids develop positive study habits and practices at school, and encourages a life-long interest in learning. Participants are given the tools and environment necessary to set and plan for academic goals, and are helped along the way by volunteer tutors and mentors.

We take a wholistic approach to the health and wellbeing of a child, and having a strong academic foundation is an important piece of that puzzle.

Many thanks to Fidelity Investments for their generous support of this national Boys and Girls Club program.

To sign up for our evening PowerUp! program, simply click here.


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