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Boys and Girls Club Canada's statement on the recent anti-racism protests in the U.S. and Canada

This statement comes from the Boys and Girls Club of Canada. The Boys and Girls Club of Cape Breton supports this position and share this commitment.

Racism simply cannot be tolerated in any form, in any way. And while we often point to systemic racism in the U.S., that racism is also prevalent here in Canada.

Three of our core values—Belonging, Respect, Speaking Out—are central to our approach of inclusion in our Clubs. It is imperative that we work hard to take responsibility, to lead, and to demolish the inequities that racism has created. That we create a society that is just, equitable, and safe for all. 

Our goal is to ensure youth can see and access opportunity. We cannot stand by—we must have the difficult conversations and open dialogue that are necessary to move forward. Black, Indigenous, and all youth of colour have the right to be full participants in society and to walk without fear. Our Clubs work to empower our youth, and to eradicate the effects of persistent racism.

We are committed to being an active part of the solution.

Click here to see the original post from BGCCAN.


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