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Autumn Program Updates

Did you know that even if your child isn't attending our after school program, they can still attend our evening and weekend programs for just $25.00!?

Simply create a family profile in our registration system, and you can sign them up for any available programs or activities.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Cape Breton take the safety of our members and participants very seriously, and we follow all Provincially mandated guidelines in an effort to protect your child and our staff and volunteers from Covid 19.

Part of our mission to help children grow and keep them safe from harm is accomplished by providing enriching programs and activities for young people to gain a sense of normalcy during what has been a challenging year. Our weekend programs and times vary, check in on Thursday evenings after 7pm for an overview of upcoming programs and to register.

Some of our evening programs include:

  • Power Up! an academic support program that helps kids develop positive study habits and practices at school, and encourages a life-long interest in learning.

  • Whitney Peers a leadership and community engagement program that encourages youth to take an interest in and develop relationships with the individuals, businesses, and other leaders who strengthen the social fabric of their community.

  • Kid Food Nation a national initiative that helps kids and families develop food skills through hands-on experiences related to planning, preparing, and cooking. The Boys and Girls Clubs of Cape Breton focuses on fun, simple recipes that young people can make themselves with supervision, and we encourage our youth to get creative in the kitchen. Cooking is an important life skill, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun to learn!

Check out this interview with Owen Charters, CEO of Boys and Girls Canada and Sloan, a Kid Food Nation chef extraordinaire to learn about the contest associated with Kid Food Nation.

And don't forget to register at 7pm on Thursdays, we'll have a more in depth look at Kid Food Nation next Friday.


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