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Letter To Community Partners

Dear Community Partner,

You must have seen the BGCCB-Whitney Pier Youth Club’s outdoor recreation area, surrounded by almost a hundred signs representing the local business community. Perhaps you even have a sign among them. If so we would like to thank you for your continued support of our Summer Program.

All programs at the Club are run “low cost” to participants. This is one of the reasons the Club has been so successful. Between 50 and 60 youth have participated in this program daily. They have a healthy meal, socialize with their peers and enjoy physical activities. This all takes place under the watchful and encouraging eye of trained youth workers, led by our Executive Director Chester Borden.

We know that your business, like ours, is going through a lot of changes at present and we understand many small businesses may not have room in their budget for renewal this year. For this reason we will be leaving all signs posted regardless of ability to pay.

If you are able to renew your sign for 2020, please send a cheque to the Club, or visit our website to donate online.

Thank you again for supporting youth in our community! We couldn’t do the great things we do without you.


Boys and Girls Clubs of Cape Breton Whitney Pier Youth Club PO Box 806 Sydney, Nova Scotia

B1P 6J1 (Or visit at 111 West St. Whitney Pier)


(902) 567-0240




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