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Renovated Whitney Pier Youth Club opens doors

The CBC News published this article on the successful opening of the club's expansion project in November of 2016:

Kids who spend time at the youth club in Whitney Pier can now enjoy a newly renovated facility, complete with an expanded kitchen, recording studio and computer lab.

The new club opened its doors Monday.

Work on the $800,000 expansion started in May 2015 but was delayed at times due to shortages of money and labour. The project involved a complete renovation of the existing building on West Street and the addition of a new section of equal size.

Benjamin Cormier, a Grade 8 student at nearby Whitney Pier Memorial Junior High, said he's looking forward to the weightlifting room. The facility also has a pool table, table hockey and a boardroom. "It's a significant improvement over the last club, so many fun things to do," he said.

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