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Rising cost delays Whitney Pier Youth Club project

The Chronicle Herald published this article on the rising cost delays of the club's expansion project in January of 2016:

SYDNEY — Cost overruns have delayed an expansion of a Sydney youth centre. John Wolodka, board president of the Whitney Pier Youth Club, said it was anticipated that a $350,000 budget would be enough to finish the project in September.

But cost overruns on the community-build project have set the expansion back. “This has been a plan of ours and a dream of ours for a long time, and we finally thought we had enough community support, and then when in-kind donations turned into invoices, that’s when the budget just took over,” said Wolodka. The project will more than double the club’s existing space to create a centre with 3,000 square feet of room for children ages five and up.

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