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Keystone Club is Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada’s national leadership development program for youth aged 14 to 18. Keystone Club offers an excellent vehicle for engaging teens in a focused, small group experience that will not only help them develop their leadership skills, teamwork and group support but will also empower them to use their talent and ability to make positive change in their Club, their community and their own lives. In addition it gives them a place to use their creative skills to make a difference. Keystone Club activities are focused around activities that enhances their skill sets, improves self-esteem and provides opportunities to try new and exciting activities. We will

BGCC Flex Your Head

Flex Your Head Promotes mental health and wellness is an important part of everything that Boys and Girls Clubs do. Through fun, recreation, mentor-ship, leadership, and social engagement, clubs provide a safe and engaging environment in which children and youth can grow and thrive. This program is for youth ages 14-18. We know, however, that the adolescent years are challenging and stressful for young people and they may need to address mental health and wellness more directly. We know that youth are often disconnected from mental health services and supports, do not know how to think and talk about mental illness, and are worried about speaking honestly about their personal experiences and

BGCC Torch Club

A Torch Club (Ages 8-12) is a small group leadership and empowerment program for youth aged ten to thirteen. Torch clubs empower youth with the knowledge and the skills to make positive choices in their lives in addition to giving them a place to use their creative skills to make a difference. Torch Clubs have five core areas including: Service to Club and Community Healthy Choices Teamwork Leadership Learning for Life. Also as an added bonus members of the Torch Club partake in a special event once a month to reward them for their hard work and dedication. Special events can include Movies, Hockey Games, and Field Trips etc. #BGCC

Lunch & After School Nutrition

This program is offered weekly during our School Year. The BGCCB, WPYC is a strong believer in the importance of healthy eating. Healthy eating leads to healthy growth and development and provides children with the energy they need to concentrate on school work and to take part in recreational activities. The BGCCB, WPYC tries to be “Junk Food Free” which means we do not serve any junk food such as chips, candy, bars etc.. on site. The BGCCB, WPYC offers a nutritional snack to all members who attend the Lunch & After School Programs. The Lunch Program runs from 12:00PM (Noon) to 1PM, Afterschool Snack Program runs from 2:00-2:30 daily. Snacks include fruit, vegetables, cheese, crackers, milk

Community Cooking Program

This program is offered weekly during our School Year Programs to all age group members. In this program members are given the opportunity to prepare, cook and taste many recipes that are healthy choices and relate to the several multicultural backgrounds within our community. This program will also teach members the importance of food and kitchen safety. They will also partake in many field trips that relate to this field throughout the year. By implementing this program we hope to help children and youth gain new skills, provide exposure to the world of culinary arts, learn safety practices and have fun cooking and baking in a safe environment. #afterschoolprogram

Homework & Tutoring

This program is offered weekly during our School Year. The Homework Program provides a rich learning environment to complete homework, receive tutoring, and participate in fun, educational activities. Our members have access to fully-equipped Computer Room, containing a wide variety of books, and other resources such as pencils, paper, and photocopying. The Computers are monitored by staff for internet access. #TeenPrograms

Recreation: Health & Wellness

This program is offered weekly during our school year and focuses on healthy lifestyles and recreation. Through various activities youth learn about healthy eating and the importance of physical activity. Healthy Eating: Food Services Program includes a healthy snack each day after school along with weekly cooking programs. Slow cooked Dreams was offered in November 2017 for the first time at our club. 10 youth and their adult of choice participated in this 4 week food security program. Physical Activity: Activities and sports that participants take part in include soccer, soccer-baseball, hockey, basketball, drumming, swimming, Hip Hop Dance, weightlifting, curling and more. #afterschoolp

Rayanne Rogers

Administration/Programs & Special Events Coordinator Rayanne attended CBU BACS Program, she is a former Board Member and assisted with the Phase II Development (playground area) as well as Phase III (building expansion). Rayanne has volunteered in many capacities within the CBRM and was hired full time as Administrator/Special Events Coordinator at the club November 2016.

Healthy Sexuality

This program uses techniques that vary from traditional academic teaching methods in order to educate youth about healthy sexuality. The youth are given basic information about sexuality along with education around consent and relationships. The activities are made to be fun and interesting so that the youth remain engaged in the topic. There will be an intensive creative process beginning once the educational sessions have ended. #TeenPrograms

Music Program

This program engages students to be creative and expressive in the music-making process as well as prepares the student for lifelong learning. Music classes/lessons include important subjects such as; performance, theory/harmony, ear-training and history/culture. Students have the opportunity to explore music composition, the art of recording as well as other aspects of music and the music industry. We have on-site a functional music room equipped with keyboards, drums, guitars etc. We also have a sound room for youth to record music with the help of local musicians. #afterschoolprogram

Summer Program

The Summer Program is a comprehensive project with various components to meet the various needs of the participants. We have sports/recreational activities, Walking Trails, Community Garden, camping trips, beach trips, educational field trips and lots of other fun and educational activities.

BGCC Blue Jays Care Program

The Toronto Blue Jays, through the Jays Care Foundation, and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada have partnered on a number of nationwide initiatives that aim to remove barriers to sport for children and youth across Canada. To date, Jays Care Foundation has invested over $1 million in community investments (capital space, equipment, supplies and funding) in conjunction with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada. The partnership of Jays Care Foundation and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada combines the vast reach of the Toronto Blue Jays with the grassroots functionality of individual Boys and Girls Clubs across Canada. Together, the partnership ensures that Canadian children and youth are give

Arts & Crafts/Drawing Program

This program is offered weekly during our School Year. The Arts & Crafts and Drawing Programs enable children to develop creativity and awareness through a wide range of art based activities. These activities allow children to enhance creative expression and appreciation of arts. #afterschoolprogram

Computer Programs

In Squiggle Park youth participate in various online challenges based on literacy. We offer access to all school board recommended websites and encourage our members to success them for educational support. Our teens Participate in School Cents a financial literacy program offered through the Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada. Internet access is closely monitored and all computers have content filters. Particpants of our various computer programs also learn about internet safety. #afterschoolprogram

Games Room

The Games Room offers the opportunity for children to socialize in a safe, supervised and fun environment. Activities that the games room includes are: Pool, Air Hockey. Ping Pong, Board Games, and Electronic Games. #afterschoolprogram

Special Events

Throughout the school year the Boys & Girls Clubs of Cape Breton, Whitney Pier Youth Club’s staff coordinates a number of special events including Elementary School Dances, Cape Breton Screaming Eagles Hockey Games, Halloween Haunted House, Grading Day activities, Fun Fair Day, Christmas Dinner, dances, Sleep Over’s, field trips African Heritage Month activities, and March Break activities.

Girls Night!

This program is offered weekly during our School Year. Girls Night is an action oriented response to research conducted by the Boys and Girls Clubs of Cape Breton, WPYC. This research is in response to a decline in girls’ involvement in positive recreation, sport and leadership opportunities. Girls Night gives our female members the opportunity to grow and succeed in a non-stigmatizing environment. Girls take part in many social, cultural, recreation, leadership, and sporting activities, including girls only basketball, and soccer, along with many other exciting activities.

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