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New Mural at the Club

This summer local artist, Barbara Palmer was commissioned to create a new mural for our Club.

Staff member, Cody Leadbeater imagined the concept of the puzzle pieces and together with ED Chester Borden, other staff members, youth from our Club, and Palmer, came up with the content of each puzzle piece to reflect the programming we offer and the values that are important to our Club and community.

This project was generously supported with funding from our RESPECT Project.

Thank you to Barb for giving life to the vision and exceeding our expectations. Here's what she had to say about her time at the Club.

“I’d like to thank the BGCCB for asking me to participate in their effort to make the world a better place for our local children. I enjoyed every brush stroke as the sounds of children playing inspired me as I worked.”

See the details of the mural below as well as some information about our artist, Barb Palmer.

About the artist

It is apparent that Cape Breton Nova Scotia, Canada manifests its artistic soul through its people. Barbara is one of those artistic souls. Barb feels blessed to have Cape Breton as her birth right… her Celtic roots are strongly evident in her works. She has been painting and drawing since childhood. Not until her mid-twenties, did she become totally absorbed in painting. jBarbara studied at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in the 60’s, Montreal Museum of Fine Art (School) in the 70’s and privately with Bob Ross in Toronto and other Artists over the years. Like many artists, Barb worked most of her life (as a hairstylist). Through it all, her passion for Art has continued, as she strives to open as many doors as possible… to investigate, to grow, as a painter. Barb is passionate about the human condition, how we relate to the beautiful gift of life, the fragile planet we have been given, and each other.

“It has always been my dream to convey my passion for life, for Art… to speak to the souls who view it… hopefully I can pass on the joy I feel…

Barbara Palmer

Barb has exhibited locally, in Sydney Cape Breton, at CBU and ongoing exhibits at The Cape Breton Center for Craft and Design Gallery, the heartbeat for artists of all mediums, this Gallery is viewed by travelers from all over the world. She has sold privately to art lovers world wide. Barb draws from all aspects of life for inspiration, including photography and her own drawings and ideas.

Hopefully you will take part in the journey of discovery that Barb has laid out for you.

Two additional images that Barb created to bookmark our mural.


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