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Dominique Ryan - Philanthropic Youth

21 year old New Waterford resident, Dominique Ryan has been supporting her community for the last number of months by raising money and making donations to charitable organizations.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Cape Breton was one of the organizations fortunate enough to receive one of her very generous donations.

In just 6 months, Dominique has raised $35,000 by organizing online draws and block draws. What started as a small fundraising push for the seniors she encountered during her work as a CCA has blossomed into a substantial community philanthropic effort.

"I realized once I worked as a CCA that a lot of seniors don’t get a lot of help at Christmas time so I started fundraising for the seniors then it blew up and I was able to donate to other places."

Dominique has supported The SPCA, Special Olympics Floor Hockey Team, Community Homeless Shelter, and numerous Christmas for Seniors programs, among other non-profit programs.

When asked what led her to give so generously to her community and what she loves about it she said: "My favourite moment is seeing the donations happen. Every single person been so grateful when we do donations, it warms my heart!

I have learned everyone needs a helping hand or a little help especially this year because of Covid so be kinder and help out!

I just wanna continue to do as many donations as possible."

We are so impressed with Dominique, and so grateful for her generous support and amazing role modelling for other youth in our community.

Thank you Dominique, you are truly a shining light and we are so excited to see what you will accomplish next.


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