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Club Members Participate in Lumiére 2020

Each year the youth at the Boys and Girls Club participate in Lumiére.

This year is no different, we're just doing it in a socially distanced way.

Lumiére is mostly digital this year, so we're using their hashtag #MakeArtLumiere to share our creations with the community.

Art is such a huge component of our programming at the Boys and Girls Club after school and day camp programs. It helps them practice their fine motor skills, introduces them to new ways of thinking and perceiving their surroundings, improves academic performance, encourages open-ended thinking, builds confidence, and a sense of identity, and most importantly, it's just really fun and rewarding.

We believe in creating, and we believe in fostering a spirit in community involvement and celebration in the young people who come to club.

Please help us celebrate by sharing your own art work using the Lumiére hashtag, and if you are a club family, tag us in your post too!

Have a look at some of our Lumiére installations throughout the years below.






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