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Summer Brain Gain (sponsored by HBC Foundation)

Summer Brain Gain provide opportunities for Club members to practice reading and mathematics skills on a daily basis, with a focus on two key outcomes: educational activities that look and feel different from the regular school day, and high levels of youth engagement and motivation.

Thanks to the HBC Foundation for sponsoring Summer Brain Gain. Our Boys & Girls club was able to provide this opportunity for youth to participated in 3 awesome weeks of learning and fun, once in July and again in August. Amazing Animals week provided opportunity for visiting parks like the Two Rivers Wildlife Park, to explore animal habitats and add a little bounce to the day. Through the week, youth also designed their own animal habitat. During the World around us week youth created their own imaginary worlds. Each group received five words related to their project theme and had to create a skit using them, youth enjoyed lots of laughs. We also went on a map quest scavenger hunt searching for items found on a map of our community and Super Kids week guided participants through creating their very own obstacle courses.

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