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UPDATE: Phase IV Development Project COMPLETE

Our Phase IV Community Development Project is now complete. The outdoor rink and volleyball court are being used daily both at lunch time and during our after school and evening programs. Many thanks to everyone who played a role in making this recreation space a reality for our youth. We anticipate many memories will be made here as youth participate in a variety of physical activity with their friends & families.

Over the last several years of rejuvenating both structure and programming, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Cape Breton - WPYC has effectively adapted to meet the needs of the area youth and play a major role in their social, economic and community development.

The mandate of the BGCCB-WPYC is to offer and provide youth, families and society opportunities to further their individual self-worth with their core values including: Educational Development, Recreational/ Healthy Active Lifestyle, Self Worth, Healthy Growth and Development, Individual Dignity, Sense of Belonging, Self Value, Cultural Understanding and Adventure.

Recreation is a major component of a healthy lifestyle. In a society of screens and devices it is very important to provide green spaces and recreation areas for our youth to enjoy physical activity with their friends.

The WPYC has successfully been able to secure funding in the past for their first three phases of development which has helped to stay true to the core values and positively impact the youth and their families significantly. But none of this would be possible without the generous support of community members like you. Past phases included original building; lot repairs and playground equipment; expansion of the building to allow for more programs and services and the addition of a bus to help transport the youth to various programs and events. These phases allowed the club to service more of the youth in the community, helping them grow, develop and thrive in a safe environment while also beautifying a space the whole community can be proud of.

We need your help to secure the remaining funds required to complete this phase and fulfill the request of our youth for an outdoor rink and volleyball pit for the final phase of infrastructure at our Whitney Pier site. The estimated cost of this endeavor is $250k and we are currently at $100,000. Follow the link below to donate and type #phase4 in the message box.

Our Mailing address is: BGCCB-WPYC PO Box 806, Sydney NS, B1P1J6

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